Create Task 

Create task action which creates a new task automatically to the related record whenever the mentioned Workflow condition is met.

Set up a Workflow action to Create Task:

Scenario: Task creations, When the Opportunities sales stage is “Documentations” creating Task to the respective user to collect the Documents from Client.


  1. Go to Main Menu > CRM Settings > Automation > Workflow.
  2. Click on "New workflow" on the top right corner of the page. 

  3. Create a Workflow 

    1. The New Workflow edit form will appear, provide the required details.
    2. "Workflow Name", provide the name of the Workflow. 
    3. "Description", provide the description of the Workflow. 
    4. Select the preferred Module from the "Target Module" drop-down. For example, we would be using the Opportunities module. 
    5. "Status", specify the status of the Workflow Active or Inactive. the Workflow will be executed when the status is set to active.

  4. Workflow Trigger. 

    1. Select the Opportunity updated (includes Creations) option under the Trigger Workflow block.
    2. Select Only first-time conditions are met under the Recurrence section.

  5. Under the ‘Workflow Condition’ tab, Click on the Add Condition and provides the required conditions to execute the task.

  6. Under the ‘Workflow Actions’ Click on the Add Action drop-down tab and Click Create Task.

  7. Create Task window will pop up to provide required details and click on the Save button. 

  8. Click on the Save button to save the workflow. This will closes the window that opened in Step 3. 

Field Name Description
Action Title
Provide Action Title of a task, this is just for internal reference.

Provide the specific Title of the task.

You can add the Description of the task.

You can select the status of the task from the drop-down. 
You can select the Priority such as Urgent, High, Medium, and low.

Assigned to
You can select a preferred User to assign the task or you can also select the Parent option which will take Assigned To from the parent record owner.
You can select the time at which the task must start.

Due Date
This is the date on which the task must end. You must provide the no of days anytime before or after the specified date field.  
Note: The same date is used for the start date. 

Send Notification

Enable the Check box to notify the user in Assigned To when the workflow triggers.

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