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My Preference allows CRM users to store the user's personal information and CRM preferences including Language, Time Zone, Date Format, Currency, Signature, and more.

How to configure My Preferences?

To configure My Preference follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to the User Profile icon on the top right corner of the page > Click on My Preference.

  2. On the "My Preference" page, click on the "Edit" button to change the Preferences.

 A. User Login and Role block

    To modify Primary Email, First Name, Last Name, Default Lead View. 

Field Name Description
Primary Email Provide the specific Email-id of the users
Last Name Provide the Last Name of the user
Default Lead View The Default Lead View is that when a user opens the Leads Module, he/she can view the Default Lead View which is selected from the drop-down ( Today, Last 2 Days, Last Week )
First Name Provide the First Name of the user

An Admin user has the access to all the information across the CRM, along with edit and delete permissions whereas in Non-Admin user has limited access as per the given Role.

B. Currency and Number Field Block

The currency and Number field allows you to select the default Currency. Values shown for Currency Fields will be converted from Base currency to User's Currency.

First Name Description
Currency Select the preferred currency
Decimal Separator Select the Decimal Separator to separate the integer and the fractional parts of numeric values
Symbol Placement Whether you want to add before or after the amount
Truncate Trailing Zeros

Enable the checkbox to truncate extra zeros 

Digital Grouping Pattern Select the Digital Grouping Pattern which helps you to read the large numbers easily
Digital Grouping Separator Select the Digital Grouping Separator, so that you can read the amount easily
Number of Currency Decimal Select the number of decimal to be shown after the currency value

C. More Information Block

You can provide additional information about the user in the "More Information" block.

Field Name Description
Title Field
Provide the specific designation of the user
Department Provide the specific Department of the user
Office Phone Provide the Office phone number of the user
Mobile Phone  Provide the Mobile Phone number of the user
Home Phone Provide the Home Phone number of the user
Internal Mail Composer

You can enable the checkbox to use email composer to write emails

CRM Phone Extension
CRM Phone extension allows you to handle incoming and outgoing calls from the CRM for each user, the extension number should be configured in the User preferences page 
Left Panel Side
You can enable the checkbox to hide the Left Panel Menu or disable it to show the Left Panel Menu 
Fax  You can provide the fax number of the user
Other Email Provide Other Email of the user
Secondary Email You can provide an alternate email id of the user
Reports To Select the user(subordinate) to whom the user reports to
Secondary Phone  Provide the alternate phone number of the user
Documents You can add the documents of the user manually (Text Field)
Language You can select the desired language from the drop-down
Default Record View You can select Summary or the Detail view, whenever you click to view the record it takes you to 


In the Signature block, you can add a signature at the end of your emails example given below:

While composing an Email, if you select the Include Signature option, the Signature defined under User's Preference will be automatically added.

D. User Address Block

You can provide the address details of the users in the "User Address Block".

First Name Description
Street Address Provide the specific street address of the user
City Provide the name of the city of the user
State Provide the specific state of the user
Country Provide the specific country of the user
Postal Code Provide the specific postal code of the user

E. User Photograph Block

  1. You can upload and browse the user's photograph by clicking on the upload button.
  2. Click on Save to upload.

How to change Access Key?

The Access Key is a secret token that is used while performing API calls.

  1. Click on the "More" button and select "Access Key".

How to change your password? 

  1. Click on the "More" button and select "Change Password".

  2. In the popup provide the "New Password" and confirm it by retyping in the "Confirm password" field.
  3. Click on the Save button.

How to change Username?

  1. Login as an Admin user.
  2. CRM Settings > User Management > Users.
  3. Click on the ellipsis button from the list view. 
  4. Click on "Change Username".

  5. In the Change Username popup.
  • Provide the "New Username" of the user.
  • Provide the "New Password" of the user.
  • "Confirm Password" of the user.

Note! Only the Admin user has the access to change the Username. 

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