How to get API key for TradeIndia integration 

To integrate Tradeindia and automate Lead capturing into the CRM, it is required to get API keys and other details. This article describes how to ge the required API keys.

Follow the steps given below to get the API key for TradeIndia integration:

  1.  Login to the TradeIndia portal > "Go to My Profile".


  2. Click on the "My Inquiry API" option under the "Inquiries and Contacts" section.

  3. You will see the API details, copy the details.
    (a)  Your userid is.
    (b)  Your profile_id is.
    (c)  Your key is.

  4. Next, go to the dashboard and paste "Your userid is",  "Your profile_id is",  "Your key is" > In "Default Marketing Automation" field, select "TradeIndia Lead Segment List".


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