Data Export 

Exporting of data allows the user to Export data from the CRM in excel format. The option to Excel Export is located under the “More” actions dropdown.

 How can we Export data?

To Export data please follow the steps given below:

  1. Login as an Admin user. 
  2. Go to the Main menu > Marketing > Contacts.
  3. Select records by clicking on the checkbox. 

4. The count of selected records are visible on the top of listview.

5. Click on More action and select Export.

 6. On the export records page, you will find the following options. 


  • Export selected records - click on the radio button to export the records selected in the list view.
  • Export data on the current page - click on the radio button to export all the records that are on the current list view page.
  • Export all data - click on the radio button to export all records in the Module.

7. Click the Export button.

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