Outgoing Email Server Configuration for Gmail 

An outgoing SMTP mail server is the machine-speaking SMTP protocol that handles all email delivery processes.

How to configure Gmail under the Outgoing Email Server?

The integrated email lets you send emails to your Leads or Contacts directly from the CRM. Whenever sending an email from the CRM the Outgoing Server settings tell which email address to send the email from.

To configure Gmail under Outgoing Email Server follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to CRM Settings > Configuration > Email Server. 
  2. Click on the Edit button.

  3.  The outgoing Server form will appear, provide the required details.

  4. If you make any mistake while configuring the Outgoing Email server, you can always restore the default configuration by clicking on the "Reset to Default button" in the right corner of the page.

    Field Name Description
    Server Type Select the email provider as Gmail from the drop-down.
    Server Name You should provide the SMPT server URL, including the SSL/TLS and port information, such as ssl://smtp.gmail.com:587
    User Name Provide your valid Email ID as the User name.
    Password Provide your Email Password.
    From Email Use the email id from which you need to send the emails.
    Requires Authentication Click on the checkbox to specify the Authentication type.

    "From Email" for Gmail accounts, the behavior would be, it will always use the email id used under the user name as the from Email ID.

    5. Click on the Save button. This would send a Test email to the user’s Email address. If the Test email fails the settings would not be saved and an error message will appear on the screen. Otherwise, the settings would be saved and then users can send emails from the CRM. 

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