Lead Conversion Data Mapping  

Leads Conversion Data Mapping allows you to map the custom fields, when you convert a Lead into Contacts, Organisations, and Opportunities, whereas Standard fields will be mapped with the corresponding fields of the other modules automatically.

How to set up  Custom Field Mapping?

You can Map the custom fields manually whereas the Standard fields will be mapped automatically. You can map the Leads custom fields to Contacts, Organisations, and Opportunities. You cannot map the auto-generated fields like "Time Created", "Modified Time", or Lead Number".

For example:

  • The Text Field should be mapped only with the Text Field.
  • Picklist field should be mapped only to the type of the Picklist Field.

To set up existing Custom field mapping follow the steps given below: 

  1. Go to CRM Settings > Marketing and Sales > Lead Conversion Data Mapping.
  2. Click on the "Edit button" to modify the existing custom fields.

  3. Map the leads fields to the corresponding fields of Contacts, Organisations, Opportunities from the drop-down.
  4. Click on the Save button.

    How to Add Mapping in Lead Conversion Data Mapping?
  5. Click on the "Add Mapping button" on the bottom left side of the page, a new set of fields appears, which you can add a custom field mapping to the module.
  6. Select the source field and map it to the target field accordingly. 
  7. Click on the Save button. 

Alternatively, you can set up Lead Conversion Data mapping in Leads Module.

     1. Go to Main Menu > Marketing > Leads.
     2. Click on "Customize" in the right corner of the page.
     3. Select "Lead Conversion Data Mapping" from the drop-down.

Note! Mapping is only allowed for Custom Fields.

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